May 31, 2012

Philadelphia Freedom

For posterity, I s'pose I should record the trip to Philly. Most notable experiences were spending good time with a friend from school, and three amazing sandwiches:

Fig spread, fried jalapeƱos, and brie, from the grilled cheese bar at the Wedge + Fig.

Not pictured: a  Genoa salami sandwich from the Reading Terminal Market, and a mushroom cheesesteak from Pat's King of Steaks. Actually, the cheesesteak was very good, not quite amazing.

Also worth recording was the visit to Valley Forge and a walk through the woods by a river:

Exotic wildlife included chipmunks, squirrels, 3 deer, ducks, and (wait for it) Canada geese. Unlike the last time I encountered a Canada goose in a national park, however, there was no threat of my being pecked to death:

A goose at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. As it ran at me, all I remember wondering whether I could be arrested for kicking a goose in a national park, even in self-defense.


  1. AH! My hometown. Yes, yes. I know it well, Canadian geese, cheese steaks, Valley Forge and all.

  2. How did I not remember that you're from there!? It was a really nice trip, though I wish I'd have had more time to explore around the city.


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